strapless wave riding

I have been a dedicated kiteboarder since 2003.
Like skiing, kitesurfing has many disciplines; the evolution of the equipment has been fascinating to watch and experiment with. All Brands now are producing specialised kites for each discipline. including Freestyle, Wave riding, Course Racing, Wake Style, Big Air and Speed.
I have been chasing waves on a Strapless Surfboard since 2006. In the discipline of “Down the line” Strapless Wave riding.
I am also very experienced in twin tip speed long distance Downwinders.
Including in 2014 a crossing of three states in North East Brazil (unassisted) with a Kite Buddy.
Which included a crossing of the wild Parnaiba Delta, the 3rd largest River Delta to the ocean in the world.
A truly amazing and unique experience to move through sea and landscapes untouched by man. There are wind sculpted sand dunes, tidal water formations, sand bars, Mangrove islands, inlets, wild life, big skies and the occasional fisherman.
We Kited on a blood full moon with exceptional tides. making the trip even more extraordinary.